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anybody heard anything about phantasy star universe?

Just got the new EG magazine today, the game looks really good...and very set in old school heritage.  I played and loved the four original PS games, and to see an MMO game with so many links to the old games makes me happy.  So far, i've been able to find out it's being released for all 3 consoles (PS2, GC, XB) and for the PC.  Possable release date for the moment is blurry, i've seen so many different dates ranging from June 05 to December site seems to be very sure.  If anybody else has heard anything (or just likes PS in general) feel free to speak up :)  Will be nice to see another old school based MMO game.


  • ChopesChopes Member Posts: 297

    I have not heard of this coming out, but I too have played most of the PS games preceding this.

    I thought they were only making the "big" games for Xbox 2 though? maybe I am mistaken.
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  • codexiacodexia Member Posts: 120
    That it's being released for all the system's is pretty much a fact now, although that can still change...information on this game seems to vary from site to site.  That it's coming out for the PC though, is just about certain, since a few of the sites say it's going to happen.  I really hope they are right...would love to get back into Phantasy Star :) maybe even find a Zio cameo.  (Oh god, how many people are going to play Zio ripoffs T_T)
  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 Member CommonPosts: 1,848

    CVG info [Edit: For some reason you need to become a member now to read this link (didnt have too when it was new)]
    (PSU is for PS2 & pc only, GC gets some other title).

    I read somewhere that up to 64 players can play online, which doesnt make sense. Possible some kinda "Guild Wars - PSO hybrid". I do hope its more like the old Phantasy Star instead of item farming like in PSO.

    All character data is stored on server which hopefully means no more embarrassing safety issues regarding player data. But also means no offline play. E3 should come with more info regarding PSU.

  • codexiacodexia Member Posts: 120

    Oh right, thanks for reminding me.  And THANK YOU for confirming PC  *happyness*

    As to what I forgot, PSU is going to have an offline mode, but it's only a single player adventure, a good 40-60 hour RPG, but it will have absolultely no connection at all to the online game.  It's just another game for non-online players.

  • JackgreyJackgrey Member Posts: 15

    Excellent news! I had not heard of this until now.

    The Phantasy Star series on genesis was my 1st 16-bit console RPG addiction!

    /me googles for screenshots.


  • codexiacodexia Member Posts: 120
    Phantasy Star was my first rpg also :) and as far as i'm concerned (at least for it's time, and compared to the old FF games) the story was much deeper, and the gameplay was much better.  Not to say FF was bad...I liked those to :P
  • DeadThornDeadThorn Member Posts: 124

    /gleefully waits for any offical news

    With out PSU, Online Gaming for consols wouldn't exist. Respect it!

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  • VampirVampir Member Posts: 4,239

    console mmo=sucky

    console mmorpg=super sucky

    PSO=console mmorpg.

    thats how i feel, i think single player RPG's are best for console's. examples being .hack/sign , zelda, and final fantasy.

    please dont tell me theres another craptastic PSO coming out.


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  • codexiacodexia Member Posts: 120
    Yea, apparently :P  However, craptastic or not, the popularity of the PSO series can't be denied.  That game ended up becoming an addiction for most players.  The good news here is (since I do actually agree that console MMO's are bad) is that it's being designed for the PC, and then ported to console, so that it will be better as far as PC friendly :)
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