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[Column] The Secret World: The Price of Progress



  • ChtugaChtuga Member UncommonPosts: 116

    Honestly, TSW with their Lifetime subscription offer is probably one of the cheapest MMO's out there.

    Ofcourse, that is If you are a gamer like me that play a game for years.

    Usually I am at least subscribed to a game for 1-2 years or more, and I always have subscription in 2 games at the same time even tho I play one more than the other. I also always choose a 6-1 month subscription model since its cheaper to buy.

    I sincerely hope more game companies will offer a Lifetime subscription model! 



  • LadyLegionLadyLegion Member Posts: 1

    Firstly, how can you give a proper overview of a game you aren't even playing based on what other people have been saying?   That is pretty bad form.

    Secondly.  How much does it cost you to say go to the cinema?  Order a pizza?  Buy a round of drinks?  over $20s a go?   How much to you spend on takeway a month? Coffee and a sarnie a month?  You could be spending $20 on something you wouldn't even notice. 

    So do what other gamers do, make a choice.  Do you want to play a game and pay the sub? Then just pay it... or maybe stop writing columns about games you aren't even playing?


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