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Collection of little hilarities about MO

FastSlothFastSloth Member Posts: 132

Ok guys. We know there are still a bag load of things about MO that are absolutely ridiculous but don't deserve their own topic.


I'll start.

Here's Discord clearing things up for their customers:

"I am SV not sure what you meant by that statement, if I tell you its a legal tactic then it is. Even if Game Design should be changed I won't make that call on the spot as it has caused issues in the past, so when I (SV) tell you this is the way it is then it is this way."


More "Fuck you playerbase!" at

I'm surprised he didn't say that he was Mortal Online.


So let's collect the little things. :D


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    While positive and negative opinions of games are fine, this thread's purpose is simply to bash the game and bait its fans. 

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