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SOE: x3 Station Cash Sunday Nov 4rth

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

you cannot use SC for subs

but DCUO does let you buy DLCs with SC


worth noting SC is useable for any SOE game


  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Member RarePosts: 3,178

    I picked up a couple of the 15$ cards at WM this morning after work. They have an extra 500sc on them. 30$ - 12000sc. Not bad!

    This is the first money I've spent on the game since it went F2P, so I think it'll be ok. Used it to buy the 4 DLC I didn't have and still have a freaking ton left over. Hope I can use it for the Home Turf DLC, too, when it comes out.

    I want a mmorpg where people have gone through misery, have gone through school stuff and actually have had sex even. -sagil

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