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Xenocell @ IndieGoGO

rodierrodier Member UncommonPosts: 38

Xenocell is currently in beta stage, next stage will be next year (1-2nd month).
They went to IndieGoGo so they can get money to push this product to finale (to release it). So they want spend that money on getting some server capacities, so they will not crash down when many ppl try log in..etc.. you know.

I think they just want to know, they dont want money to make this game in next x month, like in all other cases on indiegogo/ks, but just to polish it and push ti to release, because that is expensive.. to hire server capacities (extra for few days), forums, web..etc

Biggest actual problem is - they are on IndieGoGO - because Kickstarter, that well know kickass site is xenofobist and limited only to UK/US citizens. But IndieGoGO have so small user base, so we must use "spread the word" to help them to raise money. They need only 20k $ which is really low amount, so guys, help them please :) spread this.. so ppl will help fund campaing :-)

I like scifi games and I like sandboxes and this can be great. I am ex-Darkfall, ex-Tabula Rasa, ex-Neocron, ex-AO player.. this can be new heaven for us .)

Rodier, icq 10905813



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