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FYI and other stuff.

B1mbleB1mble Member CommonPosts: 148

FYI the link above is for the US version of the game (found out the hard way).  The EU version is run by Alaplaya.  Both are IP specific.

It is a 3gb download and I couldn't find an auto downloader so its a large zip file all in one go as far as I know.


The game itself is ... just a clone of every other oriental 'cash shop with attached graphics engine' out there. 

Skills attached to hotkeys, target MOB, spam 1 to 9 etc etc.  Go kill x number of static puppets, deliver a to b. You all know the drill. :S  Graphics and sound are ok though.

Movement is direction keys and character can jump so thats ok.

Another thing about the game, and it one of those things that is beginning to bug, is the 'all characters look oriental with really whacked out stupid armour.  Or in the females case, the higher the equipment level the more boobs and butt are revealed. 

I would like something like Mount and Blade for a change.  Ya know plate armour, large swords, axes and shields and have that for both genders.

Character design is half assed with a selection of faces, facial tatoos, hair styles, colours for both and build/height sliders.

As for a story... pass.  Tried getting into it but it just seemed to be yet another rip of every other story out there. 

Quests seemed to be delivered through praying but for some reason I just can.t be bothered reading them anymore in these games because they are always the same.

In short, give it a go.  You might like it.  I personally found it to be YET ANOTHER boring clone offering nothing new to the genre and being cynical, YET ANOTHER SHORT LIVED CASH GRAB that will make its money and run.  For some reason I cant see a long future for this one.

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