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I have a lot of games I have yet to beat, which one should I start first?

rhavokrhavok Member Posts: 117

Hey guys,

  I find myself looking for an RPG experience, but nothing new seems to be interest me so I have been going through my gaming library.  I have not actually been able to finish a game in quite some time.  FFXIII was the last game I completed, before that I can't recall.  It seems in my old age games do not hold my attention like they did in the past.

 I am leaning toward Xenogears for PSX, butI have started a new game of Xenogears a few times, but never finished it.  In fact, I have never made it to the second disk.  Anyway, I am asking my fellow gamers, should I give this game another shot?  I know a lot people say it is great. I am tempted to boot it up with my gameshark and give myself a slight edge just so I can focus on the story.

 Anyway, what do you guys think?

For the record, here is a list of games I own, but have not beaten.  Please go easy on me.

  • Bauldur's Gate II - PC
  • Neverwinter Nights - PC
  • Bayonetta - Xbox 360 (not really an RPG, but I threw it in there anyway)
  • Every Final Fantasy up to FFVI - PSX
  • The aforementioned Xenogears - PSX
  • Lost Odyssey - Xbox 360

Thanks for the input fellas


  • GemmaGemma Member UncommonPosts: 337
    Xenogears is allright. I'd probably go with Baldur's Gate II ( one of the greatest games ever IMO ) or else the Final Fantasy series is great, VI is nuts, I loved the job system in V.  
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