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View on the Current MMORPG situation.



  • SicarimSicarim Member Posts: 219
    See, I was never so lucky as to even have the oppurtunity for real rolepay. I did a few times in SWG, but the community just wasnt all that great... most people werent willing to cooperate... I Think something needs to be done...
  • *A good thread shouldn't be burried sooo deeeep*
  • ChonkaChonka Member Posts: 27

    I agree with all of you pretty much. Centhan I feel almost exactly the same way.

    I'll tell you a few of the things that I feel have ruined the current situation.  The sites where you can buy "in-game items" and money, etc. for one.  The fact that someone would do that, and actually enjoy the game while feeling a sense of accomplishment boggles my mind.  It ruins a complete player base by unbalancing things.  You have newbies running around with money and items that they literally would never be able to achieve on their own, therefore downgrading the items worth and in turn making the game less enjoyable

    Also I think it's the mindset of the players. The only RPing I ever did in EQ was in the old world before kunark....  Why is this I wonder?  I think it's because there was a slow transition in EQ that went from a Roleplaying Game that was challenging to , A Powerleveling grinding match of twinks.  When this happened I realized I had to stick with my guild and forget about the rest of Norrath mostly.

    One other thing , is the fact that so many ungrateful idiot players bashed, harrassed, antagonized Verant and the developers because they felt they were "unbalanced". Which is bullshit.  Is the world balanced in RL? Well maybe in some ways.  If you created a Rogue and you can't tank,...DEAL WITH IT.  If your wizard can't do something a mage can do....well, Wizards aren't mages!  It really bugged me to hear all these idiots trashing the same developers who created the game they love so much. This all led to the "Class Balancing Issues" and then before you knew it,. EVERYONE WAS THE SAME. What's the fun in that?

    Some really good posts on this thread btw. Thanks for responding yall.

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