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This is what makes me smile



  • halflife25halflife25 Member Posts: 737
    Originally posted by GrayGhost79
    Originally posted by halflife25
    Originally posted by GrayGhost79
    Originally posted by Drolkin
    I gotta say after playing Dishonored after quitting GW2, Im done with games like that until Hello Kitty Online 2 comes out.

    If your going to make a post like this at least take the time and effort to do it right lol. The reader will be unsure of which game you were reffering to, they may even mistakenly assume you mean games like both Dishonored and GW2 and feel they are the same.


    If you must troll at least take the time and effort to do so correctly or at least some what coherently.


    I believe what you were attempting to say was... 

    "I quit GW2 and played Dishonored. I must say that after playing Dishonored I'm done with games like GW2 until Hello Kitty Online 2 comes out."



    Come on now, running out of insults that you have to focus on grammar skills? i perfectly understood what he said. What is ironic is that you are calling him troll and then trolling his grammar and spellings.

    Did you intentionally misuse the word ironic to bait me into correcting you as well?

    What do you think?

  • skeaserskeaser Member RarePosts: 4,098
    What makes me smile is that GW2 is the first MMO in a long time that's made me happy. I hope you find your game soon.
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  • ThorkuneThorkune Member UncommonPosts: 1,969

    GW2 really isn't for me, but it is probably the best (them and also Rift) themepark mmo on the market. I despise themeparks now and I am waiting for another TRUE sandbox.

    I truly believe that Anet and Trion are the two best mmo companies in the world and they will do whatever it takes to please their customers.

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