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From the eye of the spectator.

Hi there,

I've been into Fantasy games for as far as I know. I've been playing to a wide palette of RPG in younger days. The realm  of these universe came to be my own source of imagination and inspiration for the elements I create.

From hardcore, I became casual gradually. Now I look at games from another eye and (hopefully) am asking to my hardcore comrades and friends for their own view of games.

So... here I am. In front of what I could say is love for something I learned to like from spectator's view. Why? Because I once played the first Guild Wars and after 30 minutes, I dropped the window down, and stopped playing; I tried another 30 minutes of playing one week later and it felt the same. I was not feeling it.

There I was, in front of what were the very first announcements of Guild Wars 2; that was a few years ago. I was reticent to this new game but, later in the same year, I came back to seek informations on the game. My friends were telling me that it would have a totally different mecanic system and that the game type would just not be the same as the first one. Simultaneously, I started looking at artworks and concepts of the game. "Genius !" was my thought. The fantasy world is back and I'd like to have a piece of it.

I think this game, even if I have the time constraint restraining me from playing it, is worth looking at or worth buying.

Trully yours,


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