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Missing Final Fantasy XI

It's been about 8 months since I quit Final Fantasy XI.  I had over 80 days logged online, and really enjoyed playing the game still.  Great community, challenge, overall game design.  I've played WoW for the last few months and am bored of it.  I'd like to start another game similar to FFXI, and could use some advice on what to start.  Things I liked about FFXI would mainly be the need to party in order to level, most weapons and items can be resold after obtaining them on the auction house or elsewhere, and so on...   If anyone can give me some info on games like EQ2, or other new or up and coming ones, I'd really appreciate it.  image


  • Congratulations, you are addicted to MMORPGS, hahahahahahaaaa.

    Guild Wars is coming in a month or so, I'd advise anyone mildly interested in any sort of gaming to check it out.  Not EXACTLY an MMO, as you don't really FIGHT on a massive scale, but it certainly has it's good parts.

    Not being truly MMO could be a good thing I think, I used to play DAoC and I LOVED the PvP...especially the battlegrounds.   Why the battlegrounds?  Because usually at most (when I played) about 20-30 people were on the battlegrounds at a time, providing a very enjoyable little skirmish between 3 sets of two groups.  But once you start to get into the big boy Realm vs Realm, all that mattered was who had the most people.

    Dark and Light is also looking nice, though it won't be out for a while yet.  Check out the screenshot thread on their (the MMORPG.COM Dark and Light) forums.

    I got a somewhat bad impression from EQ2's trial (which you can check out), and I really haven't heard anything positive about the high level game in it either.  A friend of mine just quit because he says "no one plays and it's laggy" (just saying what he said).  I've heard of bugginess and lack of content once you get up in the higher levels.

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