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A great new mmorpg (Roma victor)

Ok, I would just like to make the announcement of a new and amazing game in the making, its name roma-victor... Now, you might think, those graphics are horrible, and yes you are correct... but they are improving on them, but listen to how amazing they're making the gameplay... The theme is ancient roman times, and its completely REALISTIC, so no mages, no giant fireballs, no dragons, no centaurs, and no "Kill 10 rats". The whole quest systme is redone, its completely "live your life". You could either be a Barbarian trying to burn down the roman empire, or a happy roman citizen just waiting to make money. In this game, you could fish, tame animals/ pets, build yourself houses in the middle of nowhere, farm, go to war, join guilds, visit far away lands, and many, many more! I mean, at first, the game does look like crap, but once you read about it, it is truly amazing. I mean, I know Im tired of all these dragons... I can't wait for this game to come out. I mean, you live your life as you want... and theres no monthly fees, which is always a plus, and there trying a new way to make money. You just have to read about it!


Btw, this is going to be my gameplay... First, im going to go get a house in the middle of nowhere, hopefully next to some water, then I'll live my life fishing, farming, tailoring, and practicing with spears to fight with, and possibly archery. I'll send animal furs for money, and tame a dog to be my trusty helper. Once I am expierenced enough , I will attempt to train a wolf, and add more things to my house. Later on, I will journey away to other villages and join the cause to destroy the roman empire, or just visit around always remembering to return to my wild origins......


Now tell me "find the green emerald and kill 10 goblins", is more interesting than that :D... And don't worry, the graphics WILL be fixed. So check it out, and boost its score up a little for the hype meter, I mean I see these patheticly lame games up higher than it, But really, this is a great game in the making. Now just wait and see if everything will work out..


  • deidesdeides Member Posts: 197

    when zit coming out?

    I tend to have low patience when I'm mmo-less (which is the case atm :-| )


  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    We've known about it for some's mentioned in this forum regularly.

  • deidesdeides Member Posts: 197

    Yeah, the subscription method is also... experimental...

    I'd rather preffer the monthly fee and making as much gold as i want.


  • ZaniZani Member Posts: 16

    This sounds like a truly fine game. I will be checking it out.

  • Wow, I have to agree, this game looks like it has really good gameplay :)

    Can't wait to at least test it, yet I doubt I'd be able to leave AE for it... Damn AE containing caffiene.

  • Blood_HawkBlood_Hawk Member Posts: 86

    I'm a bit skeptical especially as I look at the screen shots but it could be good. The screen shots look a bit uhh... less than good? That's the nicest I can put it lol.

  • Ya they arent very good, but as he stated in his post, they are improving the graphics, so image
  • ElapsedElapsed Member UncommonPosts: 2,329
    The graphics aren't that bad. What is bad is the empty landscape. It looks so boring. I know nothing about the game but for some reason I get the feeling of A Tale in the Desert, which isn't a good thing.
  • NarkionOGNarkionOG Member Posts: 211

    its almost like a tale in the desert but with fighting and romans


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  • XzaroXzaro Member UncommonPosts: 1,719

    Wow, the first non-fantasy MMORPG that is impressing me so far. I hope they can pull it off ::::19::


  • worldboy90worldboy90 Member Posts: 39
    Ok, about the payment model. You don't have to pay fof gold, thats only if you want extra gold, you could easily make your own gold. And the payment model will also include people paying for extra features. About how plain everything looks... I'm worried about that part too, but I guess they will add in more, and I heard they're not showing some things just to keep us excited ;). Its supposed to come out in the second quarter of 2005. There will be plenty of good gameplay, and they're also taking in ideas :D. Anyways, keep your eyes open guys, this is going to be a good one... See, their plan is unlike other mmorpgs. Other mmorpgs spend half their time trying to make the graphics as pretty as possible, ending up with sucky gameplay. But Roma victor crew is putting gameplay as their first priority, and graphics their far second. So I must say, once gameplay is done, then graphics will start to shine ;). And more thing will be added in... hopefully.
  • BadhawkBadhawk Member Posts: 203

    Been following it for awhile, just recently signed up on their forums. The game is right up my alley, the game I've been waiting for

  • koolcowkoolcow Member Posts: 6

    wow worldboy90 you make this game sound really good :D im gonna go try it out right now

  • JorevJorev Member Posts: 1,500

    I love the fact that most people praising this game, registered yesterday. Let's be more obvious, shall we?

    I don't care to know anything about this game past hearing that players can buy coin directly out of thin air for real money from the game company.

    This is worse than Ebaying, since Ebayers earn their coin from inside the game environment.

    Artificially introducing coin from outside the game environment will make earning anything pointless and create massive inflation.


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  • DrSawDrSaw Member Posts: 81

    This is a game that I am definitely going to get into. As far as the graphics go... I'd trade graphics for gameplay ANY DAY. I'm tired of games with great graphics, but with no real story line and zero realism.

    I too, however, am concerned about the subscription method they are suggesting. I don't see how this will prevent the game's economy from going into the toilet. It also removes the prestige factor. If I've been playing the game for six months and build a large house that was paid for by quests and hard work, I don't want 12-year-old little Billy moving in next door because his dad forked over $150 so Billy could have a mansion and all the armor he wanted.

    I'm keeping an open mind, but I'm concerned that this idea may ruin the game.


  • worldboy90worldboy90 Member Posts: 39
    Well.... Guys I know I hyped you all up and stuff, But I actually wish to wait and see until the game comes out to see hows it going. Its supposed to come out in 2-3 months, and they even arent done adding in all the gameplay features..... So I'll really have to see if this will work, and I really can't stand they're revenue model... its what is going to bring the game down......... I wouldnt mind paying mothly fees.
  • PasomattPasomatt Member Posts: 221

    Its not really original gameplay. "living your life" was done in things like... Second Life, Tale in the Desert, and many of the others that were trying to coin themselves as Sims. Anyways, when I can actually SEE or EXPERIENCE the gameplay that they TALK about I'll be more forgiving and accepting. But until then, hype is hype... most games can back their hype with good pictures to keep people interested... this game can't.

  • worldboy90worldboy90 Member Posts: 39
    Hehee :D... I just found out in this game, you could possibly become the emperor, how awesome would it be to rule over all and command a real mmorpg city :D. Bet you never seen that before ;).
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