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Untill I get a good game, What is the best F2P game?

Okay, so my dad is getting a little short on money right now, so I have to wait for my birthday to get a really good game, so anyone know any free games that I can play untill then? And, please, don't let it be tooo much of my space. Thanks.




  • Blood_HawkBlood_Hawk Member Posts: 86

    click this link - HERE

    -that's all I'm gonna say, and heads up bro, prepare to be flamed....

  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384

    Anarchy Online

    In my opinion.....very good game considering the original set is free.

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  • ZaniZani Member Posts: 16

    You could try Eternal Lands. It's free and has some interesting aspects to it.

  • runescape? i hate that game thou, but some people like it image
  • Tibia is quite famous too, but I must say that I wouldnt play it. Maybe it gets interesting when you play it more... For both of those games you can also pay so, but you dont have to.

  • GarrikGarrik Member UncommonPosts: 946

    There is a free mmorpg list stickied at the top of this forum check it out mate, alot of decent games in it and there all free ::::28:: otherwise i suggest Anarchy online, great for a freebie::::08::, although if you want to buy the expansions it will cost you somthing and you will be charged a monthly fee from then on. So i think getting the normal game and playing that free for a year is your best option.::::20::.



    Waiting for:

    Lineage Eternal

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  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    Originally posted by Blood_Hawk
    click this link - HERE-that's all I'm gonna say, and heads up bro, prepare to be flamed....


    I think I will make a flash MX version of this for

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  • Nathan01Nathan01 Member Posts: 19

    Well i have played both Eternal Lands and RuneScape. Eternal lands it good not bad gfx and nice people but theres nothing to do  you get burned out on it fast. RuneScape has alot to do but the gfx isnt great but a pretty good game.

    I say you play this game DarkEden its a vampire and slayer game you can pick witch one you want to be and has great gfx i have been playin it heres your link


  • TarenGarondTarenGarond Member Posts: 18

    Originally posted by Zarielo
    runescape? i hate that game thou, but some people like it image

    imagerunescape suckzimage

    and imagetibia suckzimage to

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