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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3...a small comparison

GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

Now I know what you're thinking, and I'll be honest.  I had the original iPhone and the iPhone 2, and I was very disappointed with them both.  They were fragile, and I ended up never finishing my contract with one single phone (or 3 for that matter) with either of them.  Now you could say I am biased against Apple, and I would totally agree with you.  A friend, that I've known since like forever, and I both have one.  I have the Galaxy S3, and he has the new iPhone 5.  We put them head to head, and I have to say I'm not really suprised.  We did several things that I think alot of people would like to know about, so here it goes.



The new iPhone 5 has a newer look.  It is nice looking, but in this fight, we're comparing the hands on.  Android seemed to load faster (turning the phone on) and it was just slightly more responsive.  We would click on apps, and such, and it was almost not noticable, except when it came to navigation and maps. This might be because the maps on the iPhone5 are simply horrible.  The maps on the GS3 loaded alot faster.  They both make you feel clumsy, and feel you have to be careful with them.  They're both so thin, my big hands make it hard to hold until you get used to either of them.  The GS3 is bigger, so it makes it easier for me, but my friend has smaller hands and found it wierd with both phones. Really other than the maps issue and GS3 starting up faster, there isn't that much of a difference.



This one is really about opinion, but we both agreed on several things.  First and foremost, they're too thin! THEY ARE TOO THIN!  Now I never thought I would ever say this, but they really are.  We would've liked it alot better if they made these two phones the same size, and just added more battery...which everyone knows is any smartphone's glaring weakness.  The iPhone5 does look alot more industrial and sturdy.  It's mainly the back that does it I think though.  The GS3 is plastic, while the iPhone is metal.  Metal just feels more sturdy (although there are "plastics" out there that are alot harder than steel even).  There really isn't much more to say other than they're too thin.



This is a big one for me.  The one thing that I totally hate about the new iPhone (my friend didn't really like it either), is how much extra it costs to have an iPhone 5.  You get to buy all new things for your iPhone5, nothing from the iPhone 4 will work on it.  My friend had a nice radio that he could plug his iPod or iPhone into...well not anymore, unless you use the adapter, which isn't that bad really, except the phone won't fit nicely in the radio anymore, you have to lay it on the table next to the radio.



As mentioned before, the GS3 starts up faster.  When you click on an app, they both respond very quickly, you can't really notice the difference, but once the app is loading you can notice a difference.  Now I'll preface by saying, some of the apps are made differently, had different functions, etc. but we used several of each type.  We brought up several weather apps, and the GS3 loaded them up faster everytime.  We brought up some games, and it was hit and miss.  We both had Angry Birds, so we brought them up, and it was very close,  the GS3 was about half a second faster.  We shut the phones off, and the iPhone did quit alot faster than the GS3.



This is where the GS3 is really at it's best.  The booklet that comes with the GS3 is about 3/4 thick about all the features the GS3 has available to it.  From one touch sharing to the camera options, the GS3 has almost every feature you've ever seen, some you haven't, and some you've even dreamed of.  I really like the touch sharing.  It's quick and easy, except the phones are too thin.  If you use this option, it's easier to just hand your phone to your friend and have them hold them in one hand back to back and click on it.  Trying to have each of you hold your phone with your fingertips while touching the screen feels clumsy, and dangerous (I did drop my GS3 once doing this, but a carpeted floor isn't enough to break it, unlike my original iPhone and iPhone 2, which both broke screens dropping them on a carpeted floor lol).  When comes to the iPhone it has all the essentials, but that's about it.  My friend really liked the idea of touch sharing.  We didn't have another GS3, so I couldn't show him it, but I'm sure this will become a smartphone standard.  Siri and S voice (the voice assistants) both are horrible, and the commercials (well I haven't seen a S Voice commercial) are an outright lie.  I do have a thick southern accent, but it should still at least know when I'm saying some things like Mom, Dad, or Street.  If you are buying either of these for voice...you'll be disappointed.  The time it took either of us to get a voice command right, it would've been easier and faster to just do it manually.


What this was all really about...

They're both great phones, and really you can't go wrong with either of them, but we both agreed that the GS3 is a little better overall.  The biggest thing we both could knock the iPhone 5 on was the maps and why the heck doesn't it use the industry standard micro-USB.  If it wasn't for these two things, it would really be a tie.


  • ForTheCityForTheCity Member Posts: 307

    I really like the new "slim and sleek" look for the iphone 5. The features to the Galaxy 3 seem to be better. My family is split in the middle. My dad and I have an iphone. My brother and sister have a Galaxy. My mom is going to switch to iphone. My dad wants to switch to galaxy. I cannot afford to switch.

    I have never actually played with either the iphone 5 or G3 so I can't make the comparison. Still both great phones. Wish apple would do a little more, the commercials are just about the screen size and panormic pics. 

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