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Asheron's Call, deserves more than this.



  • KaniverKaniver Member UncommonPosts: 110

    AHHH  AC fond the memories.

    The pronounced thunk as I released an arrow from my trusty bow. The fletching skill and the arrows and quiver nuances further taking you into your character.

    The huge world begging exploration..........going deep deep into the mountains hunting for suitable prey.

    Going unarmed and starting with 100 in the run skill and building it from there to sprint allover the world.

    So much there to base a follow up on. A fully realized and monetized IP laying dormant.

    Turbine has dropped the ball......foolishly, now were in a changing climate where investors are shy to invest a better part of a decade and untold millions in a chance at success.

    But for those of us who were entranced by the game that AC was, and find our imaginations titillated by what could be if done right.........oh my.

    Perhaps someone at Warner Brothers could see the potential in tightly controlled resources being used to develop such a game. One that could prove to be just as unimaginably successful as the might WOW itself.

    Ahh yes Turbine, WB, the passion runs deep for your near dormant IP, it's heart barely palpitating,it's fans smiling as they dream of what could be.

    Of ALL the games I could wish to see a refresh...............this one stands head and shoulders above all the rest.

    Damn.......Blizzard pissed enough down the drain on Titan to remakes this one over three times again.

    Anybody at WB have the huevos make this happen?

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