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Luminary October Events & GoonZu Campaign

cheachancheachan Member Posts: 122

Luminary  made some events for this month~ Better stay tuned for the random daily events! 

Daily Events



- Answer the questions correctly & be rewarded!

Find the Cherries

- Have a gift of good luck? Or just good in finding stuff? Give this event a try!

Bring Me

- Got the items wanted by the GMs? Are you the fast enough? Best hurry to join this event!


Weekend Events

Boss Summoning

- prepare yourselves for a frightful pre-Halloween fight!

Battle of the Sexes

- Time to push yourselves to the limits! Who will win in this endless battle of superiority?


For aspiring GoonZus! Here's your chance to become one!


GoonZu Season 25 Schedule: 

October 11, 2012 PDT (Thurs) - October 16, 2012 PDT  (Tue): Campaign and registration

October 17, 2012 - October 23, 2012 (Tue): Voting period

October 24, 2012 PDT (Wed): Announcement of GoonZu


Feel free to visit this link for more details:



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