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Does anyone remember....

psydexpsydex Member Posts: 187
Found an old link to an old website . Does anyone remember this scam? lol. If you don't then here is the rundown. A new mmorpg called "Dawn" was supposed to "shatter" everything we knew about gaming. I remember when I wrote for stratics getting the email from the dawn developers asking to please create a page for the game. Well, long story short, the screenshots for Dawn were fake, and all of a sudden a not so fun browser based text game with primitive graphics was put up "in the mean time". They charged out the kazoo for some ingame objects and told people they'd "remember" the people who bought these items when dawn was ready for beta. Apparently these same guys are at it again with the "new dawn". The gaming community was once scammed and disappointed with them, looks like a new batch of people will be also. image 
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