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Best way to lvl in DAoC?

ExzyzExzyz Member UncommonPosts: 70
As the topic says. Whats the best way to lvl? I just got out of the lvl 1-10 trial and im doing the quest thats in the first area I got teleported to. Im a troll shaman and I was thinking about trying the battleground but I cant seem to enter it for some reason.


  • SabbathSMCSabbathSMC Member Posts: 226
    I dont think you can eneter the battle ground till yourl ike 15 or 21 been a long time since i played. As far as leveling you need to geta  group and do the trees.

    played M59,UO,lineage,EQ,Daoc,Entropia,SWG,Horizons,Lineage2.EQ2,Vangaurd,Irth online, DarkFall,Star Trek
    and many others that did not make the cut or i just plain forgetting about.

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