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Guild: Ebonlore Server: Prophecy of The Five Side: Empire

KJU22KJU22 Member Posts: 1

Ebonlore is now recruiting. We are a Mid-sized End-game guild. We currently have cleared The Terror From Beyond. We are now looking for more raiders to start up our 16 man team. We are seeking roughly 4-6 players. Including two tanks, two healers, and the rest DPS.

We would prefer people to be either 61 Best in slot geared. But if the person shows Initiative we are willing to gear them up and run them through for gear. We have crafters that can craft all the 61 Best in Slots and about 70% of the 63 Best in Slot.

Our Raid times Vary through out the week but start at 8:00 CDT and usually last till about 11:00 CDT. (This varies of course on how fast we clear.) We do multiple alt runs as well as progression. 

Our guild is currently on the server Prophecy of the Five. If you need to contact us my personal information is below. In game you can /who Ebonlore. Make sure to whisper Either Kryczek, Axem or KJU. You can also Contact us on our website at Prime times to reach us is 6:00PM - 12:00AM Mon-Sunday. 


Nicholas Polanowski


In-Game: KJU


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