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Id pay 25.00-50.00 per month

Id pay 25-50/month or at least well over 15.00 to have a game like this again.

But it would have to have everything. All of it.


-Skill(s) Tree(s)

Have it exactly like pre-CU SWG. I can have skills in medic, even further in doctor, while also being proficient with another weapon ranged or melee, MY choice. Im not talking about wimpy little trees, i mean something similar to SWG. Where i could continuously advance by skill boxes and earn a title at the top of the tree and then maybe a master title for filling the page 100%. And last but not least, plenty of points to spend to diversify my build and be different from the other 75 players in my area. Stacking defense. Stacking offense, both. healing. whatever.

- A real, thriving, player economy

I miss the crafting and the economy and the social interaction that went on in SWG 75% of your playtime. I could have multiple people dropping by MY residence, and i have various vendors of top of the line gear and competitive prices. And not only that my friend, but in my own personal home. A part of the server. I go more into detail into the next point, however, vendors in my home was... personal. Maybe they didnt have to come to my home to VIEW the item, but they had to stop by to pick it up after purchased. Either or. And of course the various skill trees and different things you could craft. Anything from bio engineering to weaponsmith to doctor and tailor and so, so many more. These skills took up skill points from your NORMAL skill pool. A crafter, or a dedicated one, was a crafter. Of course he might have a few points into pistols or something flashy for a little defense but his job was crafting. When he wasnt crafting or filling orders for friends he might have been..

Harvesting. Another massive mini game in itself. And random spawns with various stats with the same spawn never spawning twice so long time crafters have access to high quality materials. And not just crafters, this also lead into traders using their character slots for harvestors and setting up a little vendor in their home to maybe sell some high quality steel to the weapon smith that lives 5 planets away. Setting up your harvestors on different planets sometimes in dangerous locations because you didnt just plop them down anywhere, you had to scan out locations which could take 5 minutes or 5 hours. Always looking for a little better. Players also would sell waypoints to high spawn locations. Another mini game in the sandbox.

-- One of the defining aspects of SWG were the materials in which you harvested and used. You might have lokian wheat. But after 5 years their had been thousands of different spawns of lokian wheat. And you needed many more ingredients to craft your item, AND components. Not just 2 or 3 WoW style craft and done bullshit. And behind your home with your top of the line crafting station you had factories, 1 or 10, continuously crafting your goods 24/7 online or off. No central auction house that people stood around like zombies scanning for deals and leeching. You want to by my stuff? You want an auction house? Too lazy? Afriad to make a friend or maybe barter prices instead of buying thousands of items and just relisting them like some leper. Ugh!!!


PvP that could happen anywhere at anytime... or not. Not everyone has to participate, but thier are actions that WILL temporary flag you to make things interesting for both parties involved. It goes back up to the original point with the skill trees. Crafters make the weapons and the armor. If you want the good stuff go to the best crafters. This creates competition in more than just combat. Deeper combat was fun as well. I never minded standing in a buffline actually SOCIALIZING with people in a game before i payed the doctor of my choice for select buffs he spent very much time crafting and gathering the resources for. I didnt mind the shuttle waits because PvP happened during that 5 minutes or maybe a new friend was made.


last, but not least imo,



Its been done once, it *can* absolutely be done again. Maybe in SWG it was a little sloppy because on the outside of cities their could be miles of houses. No matter what you say, the sloppyness could be removed. Actual plains could be established to keep things clean and in order in some areas, and wide open in others. I could stop by your home and check out any of thousands of ways you could have decorated and designed. Back then there were even monthly contests held and thousands and thousands competed each time. Im not talking about the houses that were filled from the ceiling to floor with junk just as much as they could fit, but vast elaborate beautiful articulate homes done in so, so many different ways. But i also must have the option to plop my house down in the middle of nowhere, or near a nice farming area of my choice. My choice.



All of these things and MANY MANY more are what made something totally addicting, fun, and magical. It was extremely social with actual players that made it their job to maybe even become a dancer in the local bar that would heal your battle wounds, and musicians along side them and normal cantinas/clubs filled to the brim with so many players you couldnt see having a great time.



Those days are gone, but id pay a hell of a lot more than 15 bucks a month to actually have a game like that again. or if people wont pay more monthly then charge more for purchase. If theres a small population so be it. I was happy as ever in swg with just a few thousand if that many per server. Seriously. If thats what it takes to get off this treadmill of brain dead non social nor competitive PvE loving absolutely crappy boring after 2 week games that we've been on for the last 10 years then so be it.

I cant even throw money at these companies and get what i want.




  • LoverNoFighterLoverNoFighter Member Posts: 294
    SWG pre cu was pretty great.
  • TigasnakeTigasnake Member Posts: 33

    Pre-CU was great.  Really was.  Crafting felt so complex it could be used as a virtual small business tutorial.  The planets were littered with well known cities and player generated commerce.  And the space combat blew SWTOR's out of the water... like.. all the way into space.  (pun intended)

     However.. Towards the final 3-4 months prior to the "CU", I wouldn't pay 25-50/month to get hit with a DoT lance that takes away 500 Mind every tick...  PvP was the most highlighted form of content in that game... and if you weren't a Jedi, you were a rich person with 1 mil composite armor and an auctioned Mind DoT weapon.  When wealth = skill.. that's when you have to step back and be like "Whoa.. wait."

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