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Copied directly from DF Forums found at this link:

Community Q&A: Answer 1
Will there be a system put in place that will cause death upon falling from a great height? Will "Hulk-Jumping/Bunny Hopping" be removed permanently in 2.0?

Community Q&A: Answer 2
Will you ever remove the disadvantage you get by picking certain races rather than others?

Community Q&A: Answer 3
Could you possibly explain how exactly the armor system is supposed to work?

Community Q&A: Answer 4
Will lore bosses be added (demi-gods), and will the other end-game monsters receive new and more complex AI? Like becoming true boss encounters?

Community Q&A: Answer 5
Will players still be able to mix and match armor pieces with encumbrance delimiting class (heavy/medium/light) or will players have to select a class (Destroyer, Magic User, etc...)? Essentially: Can I specialize my character to casting by simply wearing light armor and re-specialize to melee by donning heavy armor. Or will this be done by talking to an NPC who changes the characters class?

Community Q&A: Answer 6
Will combat preparation time be reduced in any way?

Community Q&A: Answer 7
Will Darkfall Unholy Wars be as IT involved as Darkfall 1? Meaning that the IT guys who knows best about macro's / scripts can win this game? Same with autoloot scripts and such, or will there be this time a friendly customer GUI for all?

Community Q&A: Answer 8
What plans do you have to make mobs like the dragon or the devil PvP hotspots?

Community Q&A: Answer 9
What is the idea behind momentum/crosshair wobble and how will they affect the game? Ex. Will an attack with increased momentum do extra damage? How much of a wobble will the crosshair wobble while running, walking, crouching, standing still?

Community Q&A: Answer 10
Will the land masses of Agon change at all in Darkfall Unholy Wars? Will there be new islands, changes in terrain features, new holding locations, etc..?

Community Q&A: Answer 11
Will encumbrance in Darkfall Unholy Wars affect more than just damage outcome of spells / arrows / weapon swings and fizzles like it does in the original Darkfall? For example, will a warrior wearing "medium armor" move slightly faster or swing slightly faster than say a warrior wearing "heavy armor"?

Community Q&A: Answer 12
Will there be spellfizzles, wall of forces, knockup spells, bunnyhopping spells in Darkfall Unholy Wars, or will they be removed or adjusted?

Community Q&A: Answer 13
Will AV be implementing a marketing campaign to draw attention to Darkfall Unholy Wars with the intention of bringing in a large, fresh crop of new players, or is the focus more intimately aimed at keeping the current base on board?

Community Q&A: Answer 14
Will surges remain in Darkfall Unholy Wars?

Community Q&A: Answer 15
Will Darkfall Unholy Wars operate some sort of Broker / Auction house to sell gear / mats on?

Community Q&A: Answer 16
Judging by announced Darkfall Unholy Wars features, and the recent video interview, Darkfall Unholy Wars appears to be taking the direction of a 'PvP arena' game rather than a complete sandbox MMORPG. Could you clear up any confusion regarding this? Will Darkfall Unholy Wars no longer be the sandbox game the original developers set out to create, but instead just become a 'PvP arena' game?

Community Q&A: Answer 17
Will Darkfall Unholy Wars inherit / keep instant-cast spells such as rays?

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