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Details on new server launch?

kaiser3282kaiser3282 Member UncommonPosts: 2,759

So, theyve said the new server sould be up sometime today, but does anyone have any information at all about when they expect it to be up? It appears theyve technically got it up I guess for the staff to access, but just not open for players to login yet. I assume this because of a change in error message when trying to login (yesterday it was an invalid account message, but today it is giving the normal message it used to give when the server was down temporarily).

Just trying to find out if I should bother hanging around in the morning for it to come up or if I should just check back at night. With most of the website (including forums) being down for the past few days I havent been able to find anything myself. Twitter and Facebook just say "today".



  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Member UncommonPosts: 2,759
    Nevermind, got the answr myself. ITS UP!!! Just patched and creating a new character now.
  • lovechiefslovechiefs Member UncommonPosts: 157

    Great, I will try it tonight and see for myself as well

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