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Quick Question -

ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200

On average throughout the day what is the average population on 




I read on the forums on the US server tyranny it had liek 40-60 people if you are lucky... 

Is it true that this game is this dead now?


I think even vanguard is more popular than this game now=/


  • paul43paul43 Member UncommonPosts: 198

    I don't know the situation on the US servers, but you can always play on the EU servers if you want. The population on EU crom is 10k total and 500-1000 player logged in at peaks.


    It's not much for an mmo, but the game has had lots of trouble the last year, as late as 12-14 months ago, AOC was in a 40-50 position on X-fire, and has now dropped to 100-150. Vanguard however is in 600-700 position and is in another league of it's own.

    In the last year aloneFuncom has managed to break the game twice just before a major mmorpg has been released, the game more or less closed down in december 2011, just before the release of star wars. (The bug was that you could'nt stay grouped for very long., random kicks.....)


    Then in may-june 2012 around when Diablo, and TSW launched they created some server lag that made the game unplayable in many countries. Not to mention that they also had some lagg problems after they moved the physical location of the servers earlier in 2012, but was fixed in a week or two.

    Not to mention the lack of content the last year, and what little content they have added much of it has failed in becomming very popular.

    To some extent it looks grim for AoC, however there are major updates on the way, like the crafting revamp and the new adventure pack that will start to launch in a month or so.

  • ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200

    so from statistics in general they have more active still than Vanguard?

    If anyone can confirm the amount of people online in general at any given time for us server SET or Tyranny it would be greatly appreciated.!

  • paul43paul43 Member UncommonPosts: 198
    Not sure why your comparing AoC to Vanguard, there's far more players in AoC, X-fire list it to around 100 times more, but x-fire numbers are not to be taken 100%, but we can say that there's far more players in AoC. The population in AoC is similar to Rift for example.
  • ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200
    reason i asked was because i read some dude that said there are only 100 people on doing prime time which made me kind of skeptical...
  • Destiny2010Destiny2010 Member UncommonPosts: 327
    Originally posted by ozerinx
    reason i asked was because i read some dude that said there are only 100 people on doing prime time which made me kind of skeptical...

    Very few, most likely none know the facts about players on primetime as it will change from day to day anyway. As long one has some others to play with and chat rolls downwards, it works :)

  • ozerinxozerinx Member UncommonPosts: 200

    yeah that is what im looking for between AoC and Vanguard. Heard both games have wonderful community. 

    I am mostly in the game for PvE Dungeon/Raiding. I hate questing/crafting pvp is meh. 

  • watumbawatumba Member Posts: 6

    AoC is a great game and so far it is possible to find groups for dungeons and raids. However, the story with the 100 players on tyranny  might be a bit exaggerated, but tyranny is a pvp server. On the pvp servers there are MUCH less players than on the pve servers. 

    The reason for that is mostly the silly open-world pvp concept in AoC. Everybody can attack everybody any time, any place. I have met players, who came from pvp to pve servers, who had never even been to dungeons in, let's say, the keshatta area. A lvl 70-80 playfield. The reason being, they were mowed down by gangs of cheerful pvpers the moment they entered. Most people leave the pvp-servers quite early  :-)

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