Is it too early to call GW2 a flop?



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    Originally posted by halflife25
    Originally posted by Yakamomoto
    In fact the GW2 businessmodel does not require player retention. With GW2 you all bought a 60$ lifetime subscription for a F2P game with cash shop, at that price range no one expects you to stay forever ( or even abandon other MMOs)

    What a lod of crap. GW2 is designed in way that you need decent population to get things done. Whether it is DE's or W vW. If population retention is low, they will have to merge servers and we all know how players look at the news of server mergers. That is the first sign that MMO isn't doing well.

    Moreover, Anet wants players to spend money on cash shop and they have said it time and again that they are going to expand on in game shop in future. And if players are unhappy that would mean less interest in future expansions.

    Player retention is as important to GW2 as it is to any P2P MMO. 


    Even SP games like Skyrim or Diablo benefit from retention.  If a game has longevity, people will be talking about it for a lot longer, it will still feel current, and it will keep selling boxes.  When most of the playerbase moves on, the game ends up in the bargain bins.


    Its more digital these days, but you know, metaphorically speaking..

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    Originally posted by mxbx
    The fact is, this is just another in a long line of flops that's failing to live up to the hype.  Does anyone seriously deny that ArenaNet is spiking their sales numbers?  And let's not forget: it failed as F2P right out of the gate, where ToR and many other games managed to run P2P for at least a few months.  How can the ArenaNet fanbois call ToR a failure and GW2 a success when ToR managed to hold subs for months? 

    Well first I think you need to learn what a Fact is and what a flop means.

    GW2 is anything but a flop, servers are still full or close to it.  WvW still has queues on most servers.  Each dungeon has many people waiting for groups or building groups.  World DEs are still full of people.  

    How do you even justify your opinion its a flop when it has show no signs of losing tons of players.  TOR lost tons of players and had to go F2P to stay alive.  GW2 is B2P and never has been F2P or sub based.  My server seems to be gaining players not losign them.

    Got any proof that GW2 is not holding players?  (Burden of Proof is on you)

    My in game experience says there are a ton of players still.

    Sooner or Later

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