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Why no info?

MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 6,997
Key problem is the lack of info. So close to release right?



  • DeathengerDeathenger Member UncommonPosts: 880
    I'll have to agree with that. Still no gameplay video or trailer? I wonder fi their happy with just the current subscriber numbers + whatever extra goes along with the word of mouth and such.
  • cosycosy Member UncommonPosts: 3,228
    AV never give much info ...... dont know if they even have a PR

    BestSigEver :P

  • DeathengerDeathenger Member UncommonPosts: 880
    Originally posted by cosy
    AV never give much info ...... dont know if they even have a PR

    There was plenty of videos and such prior to the release of DarkFall

  • MrLichTwitchMrLichTwitch Member Posts: 13
    This is par for the course with AV. Hopefully we'll see something more this week. Maybe a video and some more information/Q&A answers. Only time will tell.
  • FluteFlute Member UncommonPosts: 455
    In fairness, this week would be a silly time to try to push anything for any other game.  If AV haven't put some good gameplay trailers up by next week, overhauled thier standing website to include an FAQ and such, then I will be grumpy with them.  But when WoW has just launched pandas ... ya, anything anyone else does will be a bit lost in the noise.
  • GosseynGosseyn Member Posts: 26
    Dont worry about the video's and info. Knowing AV it will be altleast another year till release :P
  • 123443211234123443211234 Member UncommonPosts: 244
    Originally posted by Deathenger
    Originally posted by cosy
    AV never give much info ...... dont know if they even have a PR

    There was plenty of videos and such prior to the release of DarkFall

    No there were like 2 officially released teasers.  Everything you are thinking about were leaks from beta players.  AV has always been fairly tight lipped about new releases, and I thnk the first guy was right there really is no PR or Marketing department those are just additional job duties for Tasos.

  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Member CommonPosts: 2,556
    Actually, about 4 months before DF1 there was a 30 minute promotional video. I imagine there will be something similar for this.
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 34,500

    PR, communication and marketing are not taught to programmers, and that's pretty much all they have over there.

    Don't expect much info prior to launch if DF1 is anything to go by.

    Just don't count them out either, they tend to do things different than the rest of the industry, and still pull it off.


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  • ThorbrandThorbrand Member Posts: 1,198
    It was that way with DF and this would be the norm for real games. Never let it get to hyped by the players that the experience do that talking.
  • kingjoelkingjoel Member Posts: 1
    It's pretty obvious they are leveling a panda...Yahhhhhhhh
  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Member UncommonPosts: 2,759
    Originally posted by cosy
    AV never give much info ...... dont know if they even have a PR

    Doesnt take an entire PR team to record a few videos of your developers playing through some new content they created, or showing off the new UI they designed, etc. Regular players do this constantly to show off games. No reasont hey cant as well.

  • XenoLichXenoLich Member Posts: 1

    I remember the interesting launches of DF-EU and DF-US...I'm sure they learned a lot. One of the things they learned was that a lot of people are interested in the concept they are working on. Not a lot has to be said. The competition is pretty small. People who want videos...are already excited about the game. Furthermore, I'm guessing that although "it doesn't take much time" to record/edit/upload videos and updates etc...It seems to me that most of the staff is focused on delivering a quality game this time around. The less you know...the less you can be disappointed by what they said. *this will of course not stop plenty of people being disappointed for several other reasons.*

    Just my 2 cents.

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