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Hint on "Freelancer" type space expansion??



  • LobotomistLobotomist Member EpicPosts: 5,935
    Originally posted by apocoluster
    Originally posted by Lobotomist
    There is like 0% of chance for that ever happeneing

    How do you figure?

    I figure this by power of experience.

  • YakamomotoYakamomoto Member Posts: 363
    Originally posted by tiefighter25
    Originally posted by Yakamomoto
    Originally posted by tiefighter25
    [mod edit]

    woohoo, someone is trying out sarcasm, how clever.

    And the point of this attack is ?

    I don't have a TOR sub anymore, would you kindly direct me to another forum which is appropriate to ask a question, according to you, Mr. VIP elite member?

    You maybe correct in saying I'm being a prick, but I'm just kind of tired of hearing about New Megeserver technology every time SWTOR has server merges. (now 2 for 2)

    As to the Freelance rumor, one guy posting he heard the super-secret space project is acyually ...X, hardly contitures a rumor.

    Sorry if I tranfered my weariness of Bioware/EA's half-truths and Coming SOON™ to you.

    It was 3 people who more or less "confirmed" what the OP of the linked thread hinted. Two were giving a reference to the Game Developers Conference which happened in August. That is why I think there was some substance in the rumor.

    As for the "super servers", this is not rocket science, in fact they messed up the inital launch with the decision to go with over 200 servers was insane and not up to todays standard. Look at Funcom´s TSW and their server farm connected to one single cross server shard. Your player name is unique accross all "dimensions", no matter if PvP, PvE or RP dimension, you can interact with people from other dimensions without a problem, no merges, no names lost no matter how big or small the population will get.

    So if TOR goes "super server" I see it as preperation for the space project too, because an empty universe to travel would be kind of boring.

    Of course it is all speculation with the servers but the GDC rumor of "freelancer type space" sounds legit to me

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441
    Originally posted by Scalpless
    If it's legit and done right, it could make TOR a much, much better game. However, it's very unlikely a major, unusual thing like that would be released now that SWTOR has underperformed and is going F2P.

    It would actually make a lot of sense, something like this is actually needed if EA want to turn the game around.

    Just changing the payment model and fix up the game a little together with more of the same aint enough, to get back into the race again they need to take drastic measurements. 

    Lets hope it is true, or that they try something else new and fresh. The game is after all not really bad, it just lack things to keep the players longterm.

  • gordiflugordiflu Member UncommonPosts: 757
    Originally posted by Draron
    Originally posted by gordiflu

    And every single one has seen a drop in quality. Using your own example, check the latest Lotro expansion with ZERO dungeons, and check Turdine threatening those who ask for a refund with a ban.

    If a game's on a downward spiral and has to go F2P, odds are it's going to get much more updates/content than it ever would have if it didn't go F2P. I played LoTRO for a few months on and off, before and after F2P, and I can say myself it's a much better game now. But of course, that's treading into matter of taste, so can't really debate there.

    You got a point, but still you can't deny that every expansion has been smaller than the previous one, F2P or not.

  • YakamomotoYakamomoto Member Posts: 363
    Originally posted by cura

    I doubt EA will pump any larger amount of money with no confidence they will get 10x more back


    I doubt EA would throw away their initial investment and stop development of the core game, which is only the frame for everything which is upcoming. The team is still large, and I bet there is a TON of content on the way for a massive paid expansion.

    Just sayin´ but they´d be pretty dumb if they wouldn´t work on a fat expansion since day 1 of release.

    Who would honestly believe, all they did in the past 10 months is a bunch of warzones and operations? I bet the biggest team is the expansion team because that will bring them a truckload of up front money and new subscribers.

    1.4 is only some filler material they can give away for free.

    F2P = the old stuff no one cares about when the fat expansion hits

    Premium/sub = the new exciting stuff (Makeb, Space Combat...)


  • AG-VukAG-Vuk Member UncommonPosts: 823
    I suggested that to someone way back after seeing what they were doing with space combat. If implemented this would be a huge boost. Operative  word "if". It almost re-excites me for the game. Loved freelancer , still have and reload it occasionally just for kicks.

  • DraronDraron Member Posts: 993
    Originally posted by cura
    Originally posted by Draron
    Originally posted by tiefighter25

    So despite the game lost 20% of its pop to GW2 and there is no evidence of the Mega servers being Mega, but there is a merger and an announcement of megaservers just prior to MOP releasing; I shouldn't be cynical?

    Saying thie Mega servers are a preperation for FTP's new millions when the new servers have already hit full and some servers are reprting standard with less then 400 players?

    And the super secret space project is real as evidenced by it being so super secret?

    I just can't do it.

    Something tells me your the type of person that sees the glass half empty. Just sayin'.

    Common sense would dictate they wouldn't cut the servers down by an insane amount as they have and not raise there population caps when a wave of F2P players are coming in a few months.

    Common sense would dictate they wont tell you inconvenient truth. 

    If you really believe they cut servers down to the amount they have and expect them to hold up when F2P comes without raising population from old servers, by all means go ahead.

  • YakamomotoYakamomoto Member Posts: 363
    Originally posted by AG-Vuk
    I suggested that to someone way back after seeing what they were doing with space combat. If implemented this would be a huge boost. Operative  word "if". It almost re-excites me for the game. Loved freelancer , still have and reload it occasionally just for kicks.

    I remember when I unsubbed, I left a message for Bioware in the box: "Will be back as soon as space combat is taken off the rails"


    Many are watching the game and still checking out the website for news every week.

    I´m definitely back as soon as space gets a (meaningful) revamp,  also day night change on planets, pazaak, swoop racing, housing, guild capital ships.

    My bet is on a tasty expansion pack "soon"

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