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This is what i call EPIC battles in a game!



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    Originally posted by Bakoryo

    So by definition that I have played Darkfall for three months isn't enough to be able to form an opinion? Don't be so full of yourself. 

    I'd rather not go into personal assaults but as you are obviously baiting me to do so I can't really prevent myself from doing it.


    Oh! Yeah, I wasn't directly in the wessex clan but in the covenant of the phoenix if I can recall the name right. We were well-organized and I mostly listened to our leader and troopleaders rather than the higher ups as it didn't concern me. I did roleplay though so Mannus was my king for better or worse (worse actually as he was very full of himself and it was the other people in wessex that were the true leaders) 


    The crafting in darkfall was mediocre and as there were no  item decay and pretty much anyone could just make the best items thus it became pointless fast. Now, if there were decay on items and some items were very difficult to create or the knowledge on how to make them was different I would say that the crafting was well-done but it was okay. :P 


    Not trying to bait you merely let you know that a shit ton has changed over the last 3 years and you cannot judge the game today as it was at launch.   Also, just stop talking about crafting you obviously don't know wtf you are talking about as  there is and always has been item decay in DF it is called durability any item goes down according to how many times you use the item.  You swing your shiny new sword its dura goes down shoot an arrow from your bow dura goes down (regardless of whether you hit anything or not)  the only thing that has to be hit to go down is... duh armor of course, and yes it has dura and will break as well.  EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN DF WILL BREAK OVER TIME (unless of course you never actually use it).   Also the durability is in fact not that great and will range from perhaps 500 swings on a shitty crafted sword to at max 1500 swings on the best crafted sword you can make.   Perhaps you are judging crafting from your experiences in the early days when very very few people had actually researched and crafted any higher level stuff, hell at 3 months i don't think anyone was even crafting infernal or JB's maybe like a couple people on the server.

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