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Diablo 3 Fact or Fiction??? (Come and Find Out)



  • MeqaberMeqaber Member Posts: 7
    Yeah thats true, diablo is dead.  They can't just bring him back for another time....i'm sure in the near future they will come out with a game similar to diablo just different classes/enemies maybe layout obviously graphics.  But there will not be a diablo 3...they would have announced it by now, also WoW will take up nearly all of their time due to bugs, updateing, expansions and such, MMORPG's are alot of work.


  • j-monsterj-monster Member Posts: 1,060

    I dont claim to know lots about Diablo but werent all the prime evils killed in D2? What could possibly happen in a D3? I think a Diablo dance dance revoloution would do better than D3, because at least you would have something to do.


    P.s i hope they dont make either 

  • crockcrock Member Posts: 556

    dunno what ppl talking about

    but diablo2 was my best MMORPG (kinda) fun

    its simple ...good PvP...building char was quik and fun


    i played AC2 AO SWG DAoC EVE and some betas

    i think diablo2 was the best. fun)

    the worst was AO

  • spawn1117spawn1117 Member Posts: 1
    StarCraft 2 will definitely come before a Diablo III, and it better, otherwise I will absolutely flip.  And as for Diablo II runing the Diablo series... all I can say is if you truely believe that then you are probably one of those people who thinks they are cool because they stick with the classic, and original games.  Diablo II has become a classic in the years since it's release and is definitely better IMO, and in the majority of Blizz's fan's opinions.The only thing that hurts the Diablo series is the story,  not quite deep enough.
  • ThaSpazThaSpaz Member Posts: 18



    D3 might be cool.... but WOW will be betterimageimageimage



  • DelrigeDelrige Member Posts: 4

    The only way they could make a third Diablo or a MMORPG would to make it in the world of the Diablo series but not about stopping Diablo and his minions.  This could make a really good game.  There is a lot they could do.  There is already a lot of story in the game and things you could do. 

    As an MMORPG goes, it could make a great MMORPG, I would love to see a good hack and slash mmorpg.  Im so tired of just click and attack, or click and select your special moves.  I have a lot of ideas in my head about a game like this, but ill keep them to myself for now.

    However, I don't think they will be making another Diablo anytime soon if ever.  If WoW is successful, there is a good chance that they will try their hands at another MMO, and that moves Star Craft or Diablo as their next move.

  • MadgunzMadgunz Member Posts: 35

    iv been playing blizzard games sence starcraft 64 LOL....

    ever sence iv been playing starcraft on the computer,(about 4 years) there was always a rumor about this starcraft ghost...

    its not till this alst 2 years blizzard actuly started talking about it, and it still wait out, so if there is goind to be a diablo3 it wont be out for a long while



  • MadgunzMadgunz Member Posts: 35

    Ohh yea and i git 5+ email from blizzard aday one new , developments and other things, and there has been nothing about this Diablo 3.



  • MadgunzMadgunz Member Posts: 35
    Besides, Diablo2 Lod is doing to good with the patch baning almost all hack


  • GejianGejian Member Posts: 35

    I think the next natural progression for the Diablo Series is an MMORPG. I mean the world stone is destroyed and the soul stones of the diablo, baal and mephisto have been hammered. Whats left? mmm maybe cathulu? and he resurrects the brothers....mmmm.  But I digress. D2LOD already gives a good set of arch types to use. Paliden, Barbarian, Necro, Mage, Assassin, and Druid. Just make it so you can choose you Gender and you have 12 possibilites right there in front of you. End game you could become like Terial. And fight Mobs beyond the realm of man.

    Oh well, I am dreaming.

  • SykaniSykani Member Posts: 21
    as stated before, diablo 3 IS coming out and its name is Guildwars. Goto and look at their roster O.o notice all the X producers/lead designers of games such as Diablo 2, starcraft, such:-p heh

  • baz95baz95 Member Posts: 8

    Originally posted by squeee
    There would only be one reason I would accept them never making another StarCraft title.  If the made a MMORPG StarCraft, like wow, but with everyones three favorite races.  Maybe even add a new race?

    "Its dot com!"

    You might like Shattered Galaxy. It is very similar to starcraft in the look and style, and you can see clear inspiration from it. It is very different in the actual gameplay aspect: It is a MMORPG/RTS. You have a team of 48 units, all of whom you can design, upgrade, buy, sell etc, who all level up and gain abilities. You can have infantry, mobile (cars, tanks, walkers etc), aviation (planes, battlecruiser-types etc) and organics (zerg-like). You belong to one of 3 factions, and partake in massive battles. The battles can be up to 25 players on each side, 2 teams of course. The factions are constantly fighting for control of the planet. You get a real feeling of teamwork and it's very satisfying levelling up your units by sending them into battle. You send in between 6 and 12 units at a time, and when they're destroyed or retreated, you send in your next squad. It has good depth, and designing units and making up names for them is fun. The community is pretty good too, with a political system.

    You can either play for free for as long as you like (Basic) or pay $9.95/month (Elite). Basic has certain restrictions, and with Elite there is much more depth. It's a fun game, especially if you're into starcraft and mmorpgs.

  • Fatal1tyFatal1ty Member Posts: 10
    THIS would be great.
    I loved playing D2 in the woah.. good old times.

  • SailorAleaSailorAlea Member Posts: 29
    In any case, several of the team members that made Diablo and Diablo 2 quit Blizzard, and started "Arenanet," the team making Guild Wars. If you want a Diablo MMORPG, Guild Wars is probably the closest thing that will ever come out.

    As for Diablo 3.. I doubt it will be made any time soon, but rest assured if it IS made, since a large part of the original team is gone, don't expect it to be good.

  • aroefelaroefel Member Posts: 12
    that would be so kewl if there is another diablo, that game was the bomb rofl

  • mellymelly Member Posts: 38

    I hope it's in the works, or at least Blizzard's giving some thought to a D3... I still have fun with D2 and the ladder seasons, plus there is SO MUCH they could add!



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