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Luminary September Updates: Summer Festivals, Sheep & This Weekend's Events!

cheachancheachan Member Posts: 122

Let’s bring out the firecrackers and cotton candy this September because Luminary is going to celebrate the summer season in Japanese Festival style! Invite your friends and get ready for a colorful September!

This cuddly & colorful mount will be your companion as you continue your journey to the world of Luminary! And they remind me of Nyancat~ ?(=^?ω?^=)? except they only do "Baa~" sounds ~(´∀?)?



This week's festival will not be complete without this Summer Matsuri outfit & accessories! Feel the Japanese summer festivity come alive!

And for this week's highlight of the Summer Festival,


Ready yourselves for this fun-filled weekend everyone! (?´∀??)



For more details, feel free to visit these links:


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