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Curiosity got to me.

Decided why not, i seem to have an urge to sample games that i know i wont stick around in, this use to be a game that at least some people were interested in...then *poof* went the hype and players it seems.

Apparenly webzen is hosting, downloaded the client...unable to start it.  Oh its one of those "what the F were they smoking" ideas where they decided "lets have our players log into our website to play"...great.

First it asks me to install a browser addon to start...despite having the client ready to go...then it doesnt start after i install the browser add-on...which was a pain to remove.

Gave it a few tries, reinstalled ect.  Game wont start -> uninstalled.


I mean really...why do some of these cruddy games that are hurting for players make it unreasonably difficult for a new player to play?  Why cant i just click on the client and play?  That should work...


Anyway...i see this game is very popular here /s just in case anyone decides to give the game a quick try, it was a total pain to get running, makes you install a hack shield you never heard of with an icon of a  "spy" guy with a magnifying glass that makes no attempt to hide that its spying on you...and forces a web browser addon...and even then it doesnt start.

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