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How to implement site rank and post count - please read!

DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358

Ok, right now we know that post count and site rank mean nothing other than the numbers they represent. Everyone has had the idea of implementing them into contests, so I figured a way to do it.Here is the formula:
x = post county = site rank
(x * .05) / y = bonus tickets
So lets take the post whore Murt image for example. He has over 6000 posts, but lets just keep it at an even 6000.
(6000 * .05) / 100 = 3
Since Murt has so many posts, and his site rank is 100, he gets 3 bonus tickets (this should be implemented just before the drawing).
Now take mine:
(1738 * .05) / 75 = 1.15 (truncate the .15 and I get 1 bonus ticket)
Now of course with some people they may have a 100/100 rank, but they wont have enough posts to get their bonus > than 1. Example
(500 * .05) / 100 = .25
They lose out on the post/rank bonus, but they still get their bonus for logging in everyday.
This would very much help out rid the contests of the "just-creating-an-account-to-log-in-and-never-post-so-I-can-win-the-contest" people. Because frankly, I hate seeing people whose post count is 0 and has never contributed to these forums, walk away with something great.
Just my thoughts!

Edit: BTW, I forgot to mention. Rank would have to be >= 60

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