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Bohemian employes arrested in Greece for spying!!!

pupurunpupurun Member UncommonPosts: 548

Yesterday , on Sunday , two men aged 33 and 28 years old from Check Republic were arrested in Limnos, a Greek island in the North Agean sea, near the Greece-Turkey sea borders. They had video and photo cameras with digital material taken from nearly all military settlements on the island, something which off course is highly illegal.They claimed that they are working on behalf of Bohemian and they were just gathering visual information in order to use for the game design of the forth coming game ARMA 3 ! The local district attorney have filled a case against them for military espionage since they never had the apropriate permission or documentations to film or photograph any military installations in the country. Their case is expected to be trialed soon.

(in Greek language)


  • jdnewelljdnewell Member UncommonPosts: 2,218

    Ummm yeah.

    Governments tend to get pissed off when you take pictures of military installations and what not.  Lessoned learned for them I guess o.O

  • OG_ZorvanOG_Zorvan Member UncommonPosts: 962
    I'd laugh my ass off if those really are devs from the ARMA games. Hell, the Day Z mod is the only thing that even made people aware those POS games exist.
  • CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,677

    ...Check?  CHECK???

    *spelling nazi mode*


    And lol.  How can anyone think its fine to randomly take pictures of "nearly every military settlement" and not get arrested

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  • cheachancheachan Member Posts: 122
    They made Solid Snake very disappointed on their stealth missions Lol


  • BrenelaelBrenelael Member UncommonPosts: 3,818
    Originally posted by OG_Zorvan
    I'd laugh my ass off if those really are devs from the ARMA games. Hell, the Day Z mod is the only thing that even made people aware those POS games exist.

    That must be why they built an entire corporation around the sale of those games. Also their first game Operation Flashpoint was such a great success in the Military Simulation market that several countries including the US purchased licenses from them to adapt their code for actual Military Training simulators. They are the absolute best at what they do. Just because you prefer COD style arcade shooters doesn't mean there isn't a huge market for actual Military Simulators. I think they do alright considering some of their best customers are actual Militaries around the world. Think before you type please.


    As for these two guys... they claim they are from Bohemian but that hasn't been established as fact yet. I could claim I'm from Saturn but it wouldn't make it true now would it. I wouldn't be too surprised if they were actually from Bohemian however. They try to recreate everything with minute detail in their sims and given that the main campain in Arma 3 does take place on a Greek Island it's definitely possible.




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