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Hacked Accounts

SoulStainSoulStain Member Posts: 202

Anyone else think that them blaming the rash of hacked accounts on an undisclosed fansite being attacked and their info stolen for use on GW2 HAcking ...a bit of bullshite?

I got hacked and I am very safe. Yes ..everyone says this but in my case it is true. The only other time I've been hacked is when SOE had their problems last year and a 3 yr old EQ2 account I set up got hacked.

NCSOFTs side was quick to respond ..processing a refund of $120.00 worth of gems that were charged on my cc. It will repost sometime w/i 5 days according to them. They got back to me in 3 hours from my ticket.

The other part of the ticket...getting my account and characters back..has yet to be answered.

I find it too convenient tha tit is because of another companies fansite and believe thats a B.S.  scape-goat excuse. What is this other website? anyone know? because the only fan site I became a member of is this one. As you can see by my post count that was recently. I dont respond to emails or other phishing. I always respond to those by checking my accounts directly through the web address bar and I have 3 virus detectives. One I run manually every day.

The stupidest thing I did was leave my credit info on account..just forgot this time. My fault entirely.

Well..i was just wondering because it seems too large scalle an incident to blame on some other website. I love the game and am waiting patiently to be able to playa gain but just wanted others opinions.



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