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MMOs with stealth classes?

InlorInlor Member Posts: 37

Hi there,

would anyone be so kind to point out MMOs that have stealth classes? I loved to play my rogue in WoW and I am looking for something new. I do not care if it is B2P oder F2P, but I would prefer games with perma stealth classes. However, as it would be nice to have an overview, please feel free to add games with non perma stealth classes.

So far i know:

Perma Stealth:

- WoW

- Swtor

- Ultima Online

- Aion

- Everquest 2


Thief classes (no perma stealth):

- Rift

- Tera

- LotRO

- GW2


Thank you!


  • PoufPouf Member Posts: 341
    GW2 Thief , non-permal stealth 
  • InlorInlor Member Posts: 37
    Originally posted by Pouf
    GW2 Thief , non-permal stealth 

    Ah, I completely forgot (although playing it atm... lol), thanks!

  • SephrosSephros Member UncommonPosts: 429
    Aion - Assassain and Ranger - Perma Stealth - F2P also

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  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    Everquest 2

    all 7 scout classes permastealth


  • InlorInlor Member Posts: 37

    Never would have thought that Aion has perma stealth, thx! It seems that perma stealth isn't something which ist integrated in modern MMOs a lot.

    Everquest 2 as an old school game... Yes!



  • SephrosSephros Member UncommonPosts: 429
    My bad.  After researching it a bit, only the assassain has perma stealth.  Not the ranger.

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  • SimphanaticSimphanatic Member Posts: 92
    Assassin in Perfect World has Stealth. It's F2P/P2W.
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