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[Champions of Azeroth] Australian PVP Guild Now Recruiting! (Barthilas Server)

burdock2burdock2 Member UncommonPosts: 420



Greetings and Well met fellow Champions!

So glad you could make it! Please pull up a chair and help yourself to a honey Mead! Champions of Azeroth is a friendly, Mature guild based in Australia. However, all are welcome, including our overseas international brothers and sisters!

The Guild has a website which can be found here:

The Wesbite has a Mumble Feature, and also Ventrillo if people prefer.

I look forward to growing the Oceanic Community on this website and others,

Please fee free to spread the word and head on over to the  Website!


I look forward to seeing you in game!



Lord Commander - Champions of Azeroth

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