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Free satellite TV is one of the biggest myths on the internet and I’ve dedicated this short piece regarding this oxy-moron. There is likely a few reasons you have found this page. You may have seen sites offering free satellite TV, or you may be trying to find information on pirating DirecTV signals. I will explain the latter and I will explain what these sites mean by ’free’. 
When you see the offer ’free satellite TV’, they are talking about a free setup and free equipment offer that DirecTV and Dish network provide. After your system is installed for free there is a monthly fee you must pay for a minimum programming package. At the time of this writing DirecTV and Dish Network offer 3-5 rooms of free setup and free equipment. 
The other way you may have found this page is if you were searching for information on the free satellite TV the pirates offer. What they do is program Dtv or Dishnet cards that enable people to get all channels. (hence the name ’free satellite tv’) Now they charge you to re-program your card every time you get hit, and you have to pay for the equipment and setup all yourself. You will be hit 1-3 times a week. Only once if you are lucky. 
So as you can see, no matter how you slice it, there is no such thing as free satellite tv. Regarding the theft of satellite signals - there is a considerable effort underway by the police force in my city to put a stop it. They just recently raided over a dozen companies providing the equipment used to pirate DirecTV and Dish Network. This just means that the cost and hassle of stealing will increase.
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