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Servers merge and characters reset (SKILL-WIPE)



  • DarthRaidenDarthRaiden Member UncommonPosts: 4,333

    and again Ryzom establishes itself as the good example of this MMOPRG business.

    Very quick (just 1 weekend) they reacted to customer reaction and adapted to the best of their customers with the best compromise they could find  between balance of the communities and customer wish for continuity of their characters.


    Winchgate and the current Ryzom is moraly miles ahead of $OE's NGE  or DF's shoddy tactics "we can't say if we wipe or not"....


    If only everyother company would listen to their customers like current Ryzom owners..

    $OE - eternal enemy of online gaming
    -We finally WON !!!! 2011 $OE accepted that they have been fired 2005 by the playerbase and closed down ridiculous NGE !!

    "There was suppression of speech and all kinds of things between disturbing and fascistic." Raph Koster (parted $OE)

  • NizurNizur Member Posts: 1,417
    The cynic in me sees this as a marketing ploy to get more subs, but overall I'm happy the option to save your character is there at all. I'll probably be jumping on during the merge to see how it changes the feel of the game.

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