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September 2012 Event: Articles of the Underworld

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69

As promised yesterday, we said that we would be having more events for you to come this month and here’s another one of them. The gates of Hell have opened and demons are invading the planet. With the proper knowledge and wisdom however, you might just stave off this growing threat. The “Articles of the Underworld” have just opened for you. Would you dare read it and save the world? Or would you leave it behind to grow lost in a hellish future?

To know more about the mechanics of this contest, please refer to the event banner below.

Easy isn’t it? However, you’ll need sharp eyes and quick reflexes to best all the other hopefuls who have their own agendas to win. Be sure to read the blog every Friday and take advantage of the clues that the “Articles of the Underworld” will offer. Be the one to decode the cryptic messages in them and you will surely be greatly rewarded.

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