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September 2012 Event: Hell Raiser

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69

Hello everyone! It’s now September and that means we’ll be having some new events again to celebrate the new month. After a spectacular August which featured some unique contests, you might wonder what new stuff we have in store for you now. Wait no longer. We have them here for you. Up first, is a brand new event which will strike fear into the soulless hearts of demons everywhere. We call this exciting new event, “Hell Raiser.”

To learn more about this interesting contest, please refer to our mechanics below. This will surely be one hell of a ride for everyone.


For those looking for more of a challenge, this event is fit for you. Every day, a different monster will be tasked for you to hunt (yes, even bosses). Who knows what kind of fearsome monstrosities you’ll have to face to reach your goal. However sweet the prize may be, this event is really all about bragging rights and who can step up to take down the most terrible minions that Hell has to offer.

It’s time to raise hell on Hell with “Hell Raiser”!

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