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Don't Give Up On This Game

SwankdSwankd Member UncommonPosts: 236

Depending how long you've been playing Eden Eternal, you may or may not have experienced quite a few difficulties.

There have been numerous problems with botting, there have been numerous problems with the lag, and there has been a lot of complaining about how there is nothing to do because of the lack of new content released.

I can honestly say now, that since the new server and server merge that was introduced back in April, this game has really come around!

May Update

They have added quite a few new features to the game when they did the large patch back in May.

They started a new tutorial system that helps players lvls 1-50, it explains all the aspects and everything there is to the game, and also adding new perks.

A new addition are the Crystal Cross Badges that you can obtain by defeating the elite monsters that are scattered throughout the maps. There are also other ways to obtain these badges.  You trade these badges in to an NPC in Aven for different types of vanity for your character.

Another new addition is a new category in the daily events page, the Recommended Events.  One of these events that I personally do every day is a quest that tells you to kill a certain amount of monsters that are within three levels of you and you will obtain a large amount of EXP and CP. The other daily events will also get you Crystal Cross Badges, buffs, items, and also EXP and CP.

They have also fixed a few of the bugs: Pets now do more damage, and monsters within 5 levels of you will only give you money.

August Update

Back in August they released the new class, the Sage, and the new level cap, 70.

New dungeons have also been released: Gristle Prison, Guillotine, Rage Cape, and Century Rear

Level 70 Dungeon


3 new zones have also been released: Death Valley ( Lv64-66 ), Eyebloom Plain ( Lv66-68 ), and Tempest Cliff ( Lv68-70 )

Guilds have also been updated: They can progress to level 8, allowing them to access new merchants that sell level 70 blueprints. With a level 8 guild, you can also recruit up to 225 members.

A change to the level curve has also gone into effect. Because of the lack of repeatable quests in the earlier levels, the level curve was changed a bit to allow faster leveling.


Don't give up on this game quite yet! You may have had a rough past with this title, but don't lose all hope yet. The company has really came along with listening to the community and tending to your requests.  Whenever I have had a problem, and submitted a ticket, they responded very quickly. If you have stopped playing Eden Eternal, re-think your decision, and give it another try! They have plans for the next class to come out, Dragon Knight, so don't give up all hope!



  • wesjrwesjr Member UncommonPosts: 506

    Nice job on your post, I played this a long time again, after reading your post I might try it again.

  • SwankdSwankd Member UncommonPosts: 236
    Originally posted by wesjr

    Nice job on your post, I played this a long time again, after reading your post I might try it again.

    It's what I'm trying to do

    I've been pretty wrapped up in GW2 but I try to divide my time up between that and Eden. Don't want to put Eden on the back burner when they're working so hard to make the game successful.


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