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Where is all this anger coming from?



  • ExpatriateExpatriate Member Posts: 202

     On Mar 29, 2005 Malicus wrote:
    game is only hyped by gms and hardcore fanbois-laggy bugfest-horrible support. Relicensed old Malaysian game sold as new.
     On Mar 29, 2005 Psyklon wrote:
    Crazy lag! No way to fix bug as develpment company is in Malaysia. Very poor fanboi staff

    So, Psyklon/Malicus, other people shouldn't try RYL because you didn't get some prizes?  GMAFB!!!

    That's not the point of the reviews here.  I depend on reviews to help me decide what to spend my time and money on, not listen to babies whine about not getting some prizes they wanted.

    You're also a rascist--Malaysians are as capable of quality programming and IT work as anyone else.  If I ran MMORPG, your IP would be blocked.

    Watch the latest episode of "The Guild" and other Pwnage videos from around the net--also post your own:

  • Dark-$ageDark-$age Member Posts: 81

    stabby=slappy.... lol i didnt know that, guess im a bit too slow.

    Anyway, Malicus... think about it, what other game can offer people real life prizes such as I-Pods, T-shirts, etc. Your complaining about something the company put on for its customers, its exactly like going to a wedding but screaming death to the couple because hated the food... well, the food's for free so don't complain, same with this, the I-Pods and other stuff is free so i find it harsh that u must continually flame PWG and the game's players and employees. a few things i noticed

    1. PWG has very little experience of hosting an event like this.

    2. PWG loses money out of their own pockets for the sake of it's customers to win real life items.

    3. you blame everything that has happened to u on the staff of RYL and never considered that you have done anything wrong, yet, on these forums you are quick to blame other players who are merely voicing their own opinion, i respect the opinion u don't like the game... but when i stated i would enter the $1 mil tournament for the sake of it, ur "fanboi" remark was hardly neccessary and was just useless spam and blantant disrespect of ryl gamers.

    4. You seem to think that all the pwg staff are "fanbois" who go crazy on the game... well, even though there are in-house GM's that have been hired by pwg, most of the base are volunteer GM's that enjoy playing the game. Who else is better to run the game then its most staunch supporters?

    5. you say you hate this game and quit in disgust, you hated the game and it's every aspect, if that's your opinion then why keep posting in the "path of the emperor disscussion" board, most people, when they don't like something, stay away from it... i was thinking that you were no exception.

    6. Expatriate said: "That's not the point of the reviews here.  I depend on reviews to help me decide what to spend my time and money on, not listen to babies whine about not getting some prizes they wanted." That's very true, i agree 100%, you shouldnt bad talk a game simply coz u didnt win a T-shirt/dvd/I-Pod that was offered for FREE, if you had to pay for the thing, fair enough but PWG did it for free, so stop whining.

    end rant.

  • NytemareNytemare Member Posts: 59
    Originally posted by Malicus

    Guess Slappy got slapped. BONG karmas a b!tch. All the lies worked real good. Poor misled Fanbois. How did that million dollar lie go anyway??
    note to self.....stay very far away from anything from Planetwide Games

    Nice...way to bring back a post that has been dead for over 2 years, took that  long to think of something?


    BTW PlanetWide Games dropped RYL over 6 months ago then they packed up the Comic Book Creator and changed there name to PlanetWide Media  around 5 months ago. ( )

  • MalicusMalicus Member Posts: 307

    Yeah I have been pretty busy lately and alot better games as well. Just wandered in and found out that Chip(slappy/stabby) had been fired. Sorry but I found it very Ironic. Yeah it took me awhile but they just dropped it 6 months ago. Kinda hypocrytical bashing my post however tardy with one of your own dont you think. And you still play this "dead and buried " game I bet.

    btw thanks for the update of the company name as its so vastly different I might have been fooled. They should have changed the name to something totally different. Although they never were able to do anything right. People here should definately be reminded of crooked companies dont you agree? I will try and remind others of it sooner next time for you. Peace

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