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So I hit level 80 last thoughts

jugularveinjugularvein Member UncommonPosts: 371

Hi all,

Well last night I finally hit level 80.  The reason I am writing this is to explain my thoughts after hitting level cap.

I first have to say this has been one of the few games in awhile that kept my attention  all the way up to level 80. 

With most games I usually fizzle out around halfway to a cap, and basically never look back at the game.

With Guild Wars 2 it was kinda nice.  The leveling seemed fast and the storyline and quests kept me interested the whole way through.

Now as many have stated what am I going to do after the cap.  For starters I still have yet to finish my storyline.  Second, I am not a big raider so I haven't even been in a raid yet.  Third, there are some world bosses that I haven't fought yet.  Forth, I haven't started a crafting profession.  Fifth, WvWvW isnt to bad and sometimes you can actually get some pretty good battles.  (Plenty of zergfests though)

The last thing I may do is try and reroll a new character.  I would have to say this would be the first time in any MMO that I am actually considering starting a new class.  The funny thing is I may just stay the same profession I was on my first character(Mesmer) but play as a new race. 

I would say the uniqueness of Mesmer, the races storylines, and the overall game enviorment will still have me playing for at least a few months even after lvl 80.  

Just my thoughts ;)


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  • JoeyMMOJoeyMMO Member UncommonPosts: 1,326
    Wow, you're considering replaying he same class again? You must REALLY love the mesmer class. I haven't even tried that class, but I'm not going to stick to one class. Each class has something different and you need to get to a pretty decent level before you get a good feel of it. Anyway, enjoy your mesmer(s).

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