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September 2012 Event: Merchant’s Apprentice

Hi everyone! It’s finally September and as always we are having new events to celebrate the new month. We are confident that these new events will bring a lot of joy and excitement to the entire WYD Global community. We’ve made it easier for everyone to take part of them so everyone has a chance to win some great prizes.

Here’s the first Facebook event that we have in store for you this month. It’s called “Merchant’s Apprentice.” Why that title? Read on mechanics below and see why.


Isn’t that easy? I’m sure everyone, including the newbies, will have a great time with this event. Making educated guesses might seem simple but it’s actually pretty challenging at the same time. However, if you’ve got the smarts (with a little bit of research), this game should be a breeze for you and you shall be rewarded with some highly sought after loot.

Do you dare to be the “Merchant’s Apprentice?”

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