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Another non-bashing thread

Critic reviews aren't the end all be all of opinions, but they are a good start for an game.


The game has its faults.  The servers are too full, the pvp queues are long, the network stability is shaky at best, the game is EXTREMELY CPU dependent, and the trade post has been up all of 12 hours since pre-release.  With all of these issues though, lets face it - which game doesn't?


There have been exactly 2 MMOs that sold a similar number of copies at release, WoW and SW:TOR.  WoW peaked at nearly 13 million subs and had one of the worst MMO launches of all time, behind the travesty that was AoC.  7 years later, it still has 10 million+ subs.  


GW2 has been out for less than a week, and already people are claiming the game is a pile of shit.  I find it highly amusing that the vocal minority is preventing people from trying one of the most addictive and fun MMOs I've ever played (and I've been in this genre since 1996).  Are there moments of frustration?  Absolutely.  Again, I revert back to the fact that the game is a week old...give it a little time.  GW2 does so many things right, its easy to overlook the few annoyances at this point and enjoy the rest of the game.  There is so much content for $60 its simply amazing.  I am all for people having their own opinions, but simply stating that there are a few broken mechanics and thus the game is worthless is naive.


Love it or hate it, and flame me or agree with me, this game does a lot of things right.  It has given me hope that not all companies will simply try to emulate WoW.  Although it has its rough spots, the attention to detail that the developers put into this game shines through on many different occasions.  Although I highly doubt anyone from ANET will read this post, I have to give props to them for trying something a little different and succeeding on 'most' levels.  Heres to hoping they continue adding content and patching bugs for the foreseeable future ^^


  • ParameterParameter Member Posts: 56
    Wow.  Been up for half a day and no responses yet?  Im surprised, especially with this forum -.-
  • JoeyMMOJoeyMMO Member UncommonPosts: 1,326
    Why the surprise? The game has a lot of things going for it. It has a lot of content, a lot of neat mechanics, even if a few things are still broken. I'm still playing and I think I'll be playing for a long time.

  • Requiem1066Requiem1066 Member Posts: 274
    Nothing to disagree with OP .. You are honest enough in your opinion , both in what you like and admitting the faults 


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