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Newbie’s Journal: Mount Mania

This is a diary of a newbie WYD player. In this new feature, he shares his adventures, joys and pains in the world of Khersuph.


Most of the MMOs that I’ve played with have had options to pair up with a mythical beast for added support and stat bonuses, and WYD Global is no different. WYD has unique mounts which you can ride on and give cool a boost to your stats. In addition to that, it also makes you look awesome in the game. I find myself ogling at other players whenever I see them riding a Dragon mount. It just looks too awesome. Of course, you have to work hard to get on though.


You also have to put in the time and investment into growing your mount of course. I think it makes for a more personal process of making your mount the best that it could be. You’ll have to feed it and buy some stuff for it but the rewards will be worth it, especially for those who need to get around fast and/or squeezing that last ounce of stat points to boost your character. No one said it was easy raising a mount but I believe it’s really something that’s worth investing on. Not only do you gain style points, but it’s a loyal companion that’ll fight with you.


There’s also a lot of mounts to choose from so you’re (well almost) sure to get something that tickles your fancy. Do you want a graceful Unicorn? Or maybe a fearsome Dragon? Each mount has its own strengths and weaknesses though so take that into account. Whichever the mount you choose though, you’ll surely get a loyal and trusted partner that will ride with you into you exploration of the wide world of WYD Global.
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