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Chaos Crystal Cavern Jumping Puzzle


I recently finished a hellish jumping puzzle in Iron Marches that gives you the achievment "Chaos Crystal Cavern". In order to complete it, you must jump across several pillars to reach the end. Falling once means you must start over.

The puzzle makes it even more challenging by having 'chaos rifts' on some of the pillars. These chaos rifts are dangerous since they can change your characters size on some of the pillars which can throw you off your timing, lock your camera position into a certain distance (as shown in the video), block your camera and prevent you from seeing where your character is jumping, or break your rhythm by forcing you to wait for the chaos rift to pass.

Mobs along the side can also slow you down, or break your rhythm by forcing you to fight them. Stalactites on the ceiling can also ruin your camera angle.

Just thought I'd share for anybody who wanted to try this, or get the achievement for it.

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