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Question about dynamic events

eAzydamaneAzydaman Member Posts: 218


I was reading Massivelys review of GW2 and one thing struck my mind, like a year ago when Anet were explaining dynamic events wasn't there talk about even more permanent changes to the game world from events, like if you let centaurs overran a town that they would branch out and set up new settlements and defences etc if the players didn't reclaim it? Or am I completely lost my mind? :)

Found this on a MMORPG interview:


On the other hand, players can simply ignore (or fail to vanquish) the dredge army, who will then proceed to establish a foothold in friendly territory, including building up walls, setting up siege engines, etc to defend their new territory. They'll even send out attack parties to sack friendly villages, and snipers may even take out the merchants. In order to restore things to order, players will have to band together and liberate the area from the dredge. And as Colin points out, both these outcomes all stem from one single event -- the dredge marching their army out, and we're told that Guild Wars 2 will feature thousands of such events.


It's from 2010. Link:

Anyone found something like this? Like mobs buildning up walls and setting up siege engines? Like it actually takes time for them too do it and the longer you leave them be the more powerful they get?

I understand that almost every DE is zerged to death right now but still it makes you wonder.

As it stands right now it only seems to be an instant switch too a centaur base, not a gradual build up becoming more powerful as time passes.



  • DarLorkarDarLorkar Member UncommonPosts: 1,082

    No clue so far either. Still in the first area.. and like you said.. each DE is mobbed soon as it starts:)


    I have seen some mobs that have catapults and so on.. and they do use them on you. Not sure if they stand for a while if they get walls too or not.



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