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RPS Review GW2

sammyelisammyeli Member Posts: 765

"You’ve probably never heard of Guild Wars 2 – a plucky little MMO that’s so far failed to draw much attention around the net. You might want to give it a look though. Maybe. They say it does a couple of moderately cool things. And it looks quite nice, if you’re into that."


“The truth may be puzzling. It may take some work to grapple with. It may be counterintuitive. It may contradict deeply held prejudices. It may not be consonant with what we desperately want to be true. But our preferences do not determine what's true.”

Carl Sagan-


  • GamerUntouchGamerUntouch Member Posts: 488

    One of the very first reviews I actually completely agreed with.


    Except for the skill part though.

  • Eir_SEir_S Member UncommonPosts: 4,623
    Excellent review, I totally agree with the good and the bad the reviewer presents.
  • heartlessheartless Member UncommonPosts: 4,993
    Even Meg Ryan seems to like it.


  • DrachasorDrachasor Member Posts: 2,678
    Overall I agree, though the "in the mold of WoW" really just seems to mean it's a themepark, as best I can tell.
  • itgrowlsitgrowls Member Posts: 2,951
    I like it, notably Meg Ryan's view on the subject LOL that's what it feels like every time i login, what about the rest of you folks? LOL
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