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Casual game to play with friends

LudipeLudipe Member UncommonPosts: 109

We are a group of 5 friends who, during the academic course, live in different cities. Two years ago we started playing casual games together to keep in touch each week.

We want to pick a new one in a few days and I am making a list with possible candidates that we will vote later. Last year we played Hattrick, it was great because we used friendly matches to organise our own private league and it didn't require a lot of time.


What I am looking for:

-Casual game.

-Browser based or  light client.

-Easy to gather and do stuff together in game.

-Better if we don't have to get online at the same time but it doesn't matter that much.

-Better if it doesn't have a Facebook-like energy system.


Some games I am considering:

-Conclave ( I love the game but I am not sure if the rest will like it )

-Monster Online ( I don't really like the game but two people from the group are huge pokemon fans )

-Brickforce ( I've played a bit and might be fun )

-Runescape ( I've played for a while and the free content should be enough for some casual play )

-Dead Frontier ( Just looks nice )

-Haven & Hearth ( Looks great but I have some concencers about it, it's pretty hardcore and open PvP might kill the game for us )

-Warlight ( Browser Based Risk that we can play in real time using Google Hangouts )


Any suggestions?

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