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Newbie’s Journal: Look What I Found

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69

This is a diary of a newbie WYD player. In this new feature, he shares his adventures, joys and pains in the world of Khersuph.

WYD Global has been a fixture for most of us for so long that sometimes we forget what the old days brought to the game. While the current state of WYD looks to have a bright future, it is important to note that we would not have come this far without the efforts of the past. Such a relic of WYD’s past is this video I’ve uncovered from the archives. Who would’ve thought that WYD actually had a video like this to promote it, huh? Even myself, who’s been playing for quite a while now was surprised to see this. For a five year old game, I can definitely say that WYD has had a good run so far and I’m hoping it continues for even more years.

That was quite thrilling wasn’t it? Considering WYD Global has been a part of my everyday life already, I never thought that it also started much like any other MMO nowadays. Of course, production values nowadays are much much higher but for its time, WYD certainly had some great marketing materials. Of course, the bottom line still remains to be the quality of the game. Being in the MMO world for already 5 years, do you think WYD has done well for itself? I think the answer’s pretty obvious.

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